snowjon ITS MY CITY’S FILM FESTIVAL AND JUST AAAAAH HES SO PRECIOUS. I was on my scooter and look over at the stars’ hotel and i see someone and im like WAIT (and then i obvs went and said hi bc why not)

jessepinkmanist EXACTLY MY FEELINGS

@exitamos :)

saw my bae nikolaj coster waldau today

Day 95

Day 95: describe the weather occurring right now.

Today is our last summer day, and it seems like the heavens know it. The sun is shining as strong as it has been this past week, but the wind and the feel are completely different. Colder currents are coming in from the sea and cooling everything down, taking away the unbearable heat and humidity we have suffered these past weeks. The rays of sunshine are fighting their way through the sparce clouds, wanting to shine bright for a last time before rain takes over for autumn. It is a wonderfully beautiful day. 


Tim Hughes

Woman dressed for Jidai Matsuri 時代祭 at Kyouto 京都, Japan - 2014



                                        but i look at you.
                                        i look at you, and god,
                                        constellations are bursting,
                                        fires are dying,
                                        silence is deafening,
                                        the whole damn world is terrifying - - -
                                        — — and im falling, god, i’m falling,
                                                i’m falling in love with you.


Walter Preiss

Day 94

Day 94: do you keep your thoughts to yourself.

I do, I always have, I probably always will. There is a kind of safety and self-knowledge that comes with keeping one’s thoughts for oneself. I am the owner of what I think, I am the master of what I decide to do with it. 


devon aoki by max farago for self service, fall 2009





Anonymous: Ane, I adore how strong you are.

Anon, you give me strenght.