❝ I like you; your eyes are full of language. ❞

Surprisingly, perfectionists are often procrastinators, as they can tend to think “I don’t have the right skills or resources to do this perfectly now, so I won’t do it at all.”



i was reading a book about van gogh and i’m self obsessed so yeah

'well i do it for you'

❝ I act and react, and suddenly I wonder, ‘Where is the girl that I was last year? Two years ago? What would she think of me now?’ ❞
yoo ji hyun and moon ju yeon for rocket x lunch.


If you’re feeling small today I dare you to sit up straighter, look someone who scares you directly in the eye, take up room at the dinner table, make yourself bigger, when ‘sorry’ laps at the back of your tongue, tries to pick up after you, remind yourself that your existence doesn’t demand an apology, that you are allowed to make mess and take up space, do not be afraid to expand. Every single goddamn minute. Expand, expand, expand

❝ Inelegantly, and without my consent, time passed. ❞